You Don't Need What You Already Have.

Once upon at time we had a client - we call them Stonyfield Farm because that's their name. In the beginning, Stonyfield needed a lot of help because they didn't have the internal resources to handle all the Facebook ads, and tweets and Facebook pages that they wanted to have. This was in the early days of social media - like 2008 and 2009.

Over time, like many clients, they started to build their own internal teams and much of the work that we were doing for them, they could handle themselves. 

However, there was one thing that they still really needed and we happily provide - and that's senior digital strategic consulting that an internal team simply can't offer. For some clients, Common Sense founder James Cannon Boyce works two hours a months - for others it's five hours a month.

The advantage that the clients get - James has worked in the online space for almost twenty years. He did banner ads for clients on AOL long before anything moved or flashed (and they still got 6% click through rates - which he still reminds us all of constantly.) James also was involved in the launch of the Huffington Post - helped build (RED) in the digital marketing powerhouse it is now (and helped raised $175 million in the process.)

There's a lot you can do internally now - but sometimes, it helps to have a senior person help you understand what is happening and why. That's where James comes in.