With a focus on business and brand development, James brings a wealth of experience to his clients and their projects.

James was involved in the founding of Slingshot in Dallas, Texas – one of the leading digital media marketing and advertising agencies in the United States. At Slingshot, James created the first java script banner ever on the web and the first html banner as well - among other things.

James walked away from Slingshot and the agency world in 2003 as an unpaid Senior Advisor to his friend John Kerry’s Presidential Campaign where he raised over $10 million for the campaign, worked on advertising projects and learned that the Democratic Party was far behind the corporate world in terms of emerging media.

James blamed the loss in 2004 partially on that simple fact – which was where the idea of the Huffington Post came from. After it launched in May 2005, in addition to becoming one of the top bloggers on the site, James also started Common Sense to help progressive candidates, organizations and companies understand and maximize the emerging new media opportunities.

CommonSense.Agency has been fortunate enough to work with clients such as Stonyfield Farm, Vanity Fair, NRDC, The Rainforest Alliance, Veterans For America, Happy Africa Foundation, African Impact, Naboisho, Human Rights First, The Justice Project, Russell Simmons, San Francisco Ballet, Cornell University, SF AID Foundation, and many more.

James is especially proud of his and his agency’s work with (RED) – the initiative launched by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to help fight AIDS in Africa. Working as Digital Strategic Director for (RED), James and his team guided (RED) as they used online tools to raise over $200 million for The Global Fund.

A graduate of Duke University, James first came to Africa as an exchange student at the University of Zimbabwe and the University of Botswana. James is the proud father of Oliver and Phoebe, both of whom actually do love Africa as much as he does.

Most recently, James has been working on ZAlebs, the leading arts and entertainment site in South Africa and on a global expansion plan for Longevity Magazine with a focus on digital and city sites.

James with Daw Aung San Sui Kyi in Yangon, Myanmar.  

James with Daw Aung San Sui Kyi in Yangon, Myanmar.