CommonSense has the pleasure of working with Kizingo, a unique beach resort run by the Van Aardt family in Lamu, Kenya. CommonSense Founder, James Cannon Boyce,  and Mental Floss Co-Founder, Mangesh Hattikudur, recently visited Kizingo and the Van Aardts. During this visit they came up with the new Kizingo slogan, Hakuna Viatu, meaning No Shoes in Swahili, proving that sometimes the best thinking happens on the beach. 

I also had the opportunity to visit Kizingo and brought this inspiration back to Cape Town to finish their logo and new website. There's a lot to love about Kizingo, but for me, nothing beats swimming with the dolphins (other favorite activities included walking along the open beach, body surfing in the warm waves, hiking a giant dune, visiting Lamu town, naps on the swinging bed, the list continues...) 

Swimming with dolphins is an authentic and spectacular experience led by Louis Van Aardt that can't be replicated in the same way anywhere else on the island. The dolphin was in the original logo and after visiting I understood why the dolphin is part of what makes Kizingo so special. As a result,  the dolphin stayed. We just freshened it up a bit.


The new site will be live soon. If you are interested in learning more about Kizingo, check out their Tripadvisor and Facebook pages. For questions, email

AuthorAvery McNiff