Rocking out to show tunes the other morning with my daughter, I attempted to correct her 4 year old singing. After a pause in the fun, she very gently said to me, "Mama, I wasn't singing along, I was singing with."

Which took me back aways.

Obviously, there are some agreed upon rules for how to get things done which need to be respected (there is a reason we all love Julie Andrews) but my girl was right to remind me that what sounded to me like flat notes and missed lyric was actually her practicing a duet.

The next generation is undeniably amazing.

In Myanmar, girls are just beginning to identify what harmony sounds like to them. There is huge opportunity for impact, using the established Girl Determined network.  As this article on the amazing after school program quotes one young participant, "I knew the strength of being a girl and I was proud."

I am so proud to be working on it.

The future is yet unknowable, but as Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announces a global initiative to get girls educated in their own value, baby girls are being born, and women the world over gather to sing and fly right over our old definitions of what exactly we can do.

AuthorAvery McNiff
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