It's a funny thing about the online world. It used to be, once upon a time, like 1998, 2005, maybe even as late as 2009, I could stay reasonably on top of 'all developments online." If a great new site or concept was launched, I checked it out - and I liked to think that I saw it well before a lot of people did. 

That hasn't been true for a while and especially with my book project, it's really not true now. I might be the last one to the party or then again, maybe there's someone else out there too, who hasn't seen Medium

Medium is a remarkable truly democratic online platform funded by, among others, Ev Williams from Twitter. Medium is about to celebrate its second anniversary - I'm not sure what an internet startup gets for its second birthday, let me know if you have any thoughts. It's only been public since 2013 so clearly I am late to the party.

But looking at the platform, the people working there, the people writing there and how it takes some of the best of the Huffington Post and then builds on that, and much more, I think it's going to be quite a party for Medium over the next year. And it's about time a toddler took over the web. 

You heard it here second.


AuthorJames Boyce
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