One of my favorite books is a clothbound, heavily marked up volume entitled, "The Phonographic Amanuensis." It is a guide to shorthand, which for a long while was an essential business skill, particularly for most working women. 90% of it makes no sense without some knowledge of shorthand, and it reminds me that what feels necessary and vital today is really only a stepping stone to what comes next.

I was thinking about this book after listening to some Nigerian teenagers describe their recent escape on the radio. I found the story both inspiring and horrifying and I just did not want that to be our world. At first I was using the book to keep perspective, that this too will pass, but really what I want is a new shorthand for enacting positive change.

Looking for that, I found this: Transformative Wealth from Women for Women, in which Zehner lays out a different approach to global engagement, particularly where working women are concerned. It made me feel hopeful.

The reason shorthand was so important was because it was so effective. It took what was already habit (making marks that symbolized words) and revolutionized the workforce by simplifying those marks into what had never existed before, exactly as Zehner is describing.

I look forward to learning this new Women Moving Millions approach, and applying it most effectively to lay the best possible foundation for our future.

AuthorAvery McNiff